14st-patricks-day-food-decoration-shamrock-muffins-green-lushomeSt. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that lends itself to fun activities for kids. From the youngest preschoolers to middle school kids, they will enjoy celebrating “putting on the green!”  The key to putting together fun ideas for kids, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, is to make sure the activity matches the skill level, attention span, and age appropriateness for the children involved. There are a wide variety of fun things to do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, from games and recipes to all kinds of crafts. For a day full of fun at the kitchen table, help the kids plan a menu full of green food. Before St. Patrick’s Day arrives, brainstorm a list of foods that are naturally green in color. Ideas include green grapes, lettuce, broccoli, pistachio pudding, lime gelatin, kiwi and spinach pasta. Create another list of foods that can easily be tinted green with food coloring. Ideas for that category include pancake batter, milk, frosting for cupcakes, white pasta sauce and scrambled eggs. Use these lists to create a menu for the day, allowing the kids to guide the planning process. Help them create a grocery shopping list for the necessary ingredients and take them to the grocery store with you. This increases the ownership they have over the project. Cook the food together on St. Patrick’s Day


Party Time! – New Years Eve


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Moms and dads with kids at home do not get to go to a glamorous New Year’s Eve party. Create a family friendly party right at home with fun-filled activities and yummy food. A New Year’s Eve party for kids is easy to do. Simply prepare a few things in advance such as a treat filled piñata or confetti filled balloons. A hot coca bar, a cupcake decorating bar, or even an ice cream sundae station will be a hit during the evening with the kids and adults. Have several activities planned such as playing karaoke, or having adorable New Years Eve coloring pages available with a set of fresh paint or markers for the evening. Consider making a fun party favor sensory bin for younger kids. For older kids build a countdown line of bags to open throughout the evening. Put disposable cameras, games, new movies or other fun items that get the kids excited inside the bags. When the new hour comes along, let the kids open the bags one at a time. At Party Dreams we create party hats and themed hats for all types of party’s. 

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Happy Holidays!


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2013 California Harvest Festival

2013 California Harvest Festival

Thanks to all of my friends, family, and customers who helped put Party Dreams on the map. 2013 was a break through year with improved products, and the expansion of our hats Worldwide. We continue to keep quality, customer service and cost at the top of our list. We also strive to stay accessible to all of our customers. We now feature our new free downloadable app, our website www.mytophats.com and searchable on all major search engines. Web stores like Amazon, Etsy, and The Find, are ways to find our products to better assist you. Have a Merry Christmas, from my family to yours!

5 Great Christmas decoration options for your front door


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Large ornaments take up space and make a statement on a budget.

Go to Wal-Mart or even the dollar store or check at Target in their $2 section and pick up a few large ornaments and decorate up that old garland you have. Just a FYI  mypartydreams.com can make that giant gift box tag for you! http://www.etsy.com/shop/PartyDreams?ref=si_shop

Do a little something different if you want too…. this is a great idea for those of you that have a door knocker. Wire some miscellaneous Christmas ornaments together and hang it from your knocker. Add a bow to step it up a notch.

Simply turn your shipping boxes from all those gifts you bought and turn them into a low-cost decoration that your guest can enjoy as they enter your home for the holidays. Dont forget the bow!

Ok I will admit, although this is not the easiest suggestion I have added but if you can pull it off you will be a ready for anything this holiday season will bring you. Poly Mesh, Wide wired ribbon, large ornaments, wrapped boxes to look like presents (save on the cost), wire it all to some garland and bling… you have  a masterpiece! Good luck.

Ok last but not least, take 3 different sized wreaths (come in all different materials) get a top hat from the craft store and use an old scarf or you could change it up and put a bow around the neck to create a snow “woman”.  Have fun with this!

Ok I hope that you all enjoy these great ideas. Tweek them to make them unique in their own way and by all means… send me some pictures!

Christmas gift wrapping ideas


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Lets step the gift giving up a notch without emptying your wallet to do so…..Try these awesome tips and tricks to give your gifts a pop.

Potato-Chip Bag Gift Wrap

Give a new life to empty potato-chip bags by dressing up your gifts in them. Cut open a potato-chip bag along its seam to reveal the shiny white or silver inside of the bag. Flatten the bag,wash it with soap and water, and air dry. Then wrap your present and adorn it with ribbons and homemade cards.

The Crafting Chicks’ Newspaper Gift Wrapper

This is simple and well executed. Wrapped presents in newspaper, bakers twine, and monogrammed tags. Pretty easy, environmentally-friendly, and super cute.

Kleenex Boxs with a decorative twist

Take a few empty kleenex boxs, some dollar store flowers,buttons, tissue paper, peppermints add a little ribbon and display your new decoration that you repurposed!

Do not buy another gift card box again

 Try this cute little idea, Get small white paper bags (craft store) a little bit of ribbon or twine and candycane or use a colorful candycane for a fun kids gift.


  1. Old holiday card
  2. Scissors
  3. Craft foam
  4. Toothpick
  5. Tape or glue dots


Cut the shape shown from a card (or download our template ). Place the card on a soft surface, such as a piece of craft foam, and use a toothpick to score fold lines as shown. Fold the envelope, then place the card inside and seal the edges with tape or glue dots.


Christmas tree topper idea!


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Im back…

Christmas tree toppers… Lets start with this for an idea, your Monogram. I have been creating these awesome letter and numbers for party ideas and photo props. I have also had customers say they are using them as decoration on their childs bedroom wall. So lets switch it up make it a tree topper for your christmas tree this year and years to come. It can be ANY theme, color or style you want! Here is a great example of a simple one but lets get crazy people, sent me an order request at Party Dreams and ill make sure you have a one of a kind and quite AMAZING tree topper.

Handmade Halloween Costumes


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If you’re like a lot of us this year, then your looking to make your Halloween costume this year as a way to save money. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re not spending more than you should on the materials. which can start adding up. Here are six affordable sources for Halloween costume materials:



Look around your home to see if you already possess the materials, and start thinking outside the box. The clothes you never wear could be turned into a costume, and items around your kitchen and home could be upcycled into a costume.

Other people.

If you need certain materials that you can’t find at home, then shoot the people you know an email to see if they possess an old t-shirt that they are going to throw away or cardboard boxes that they are about to dispose of. Ask them if they’re willing to donate it to your costume.

Dollar stores.

The dollar store has plenty of materials you can use or deconstruct for your costume. If you can’t find anything at home to reuse or items you can score from friends, the dollar store will be your next best bet.

Thrift stores.

Check out your local consignment store or Salvation Army to see if there is anything you can reuse for your Halloween outfit.

Craft stores.

Browse craft stores for materials, but be aware that some craft stores can be pretty pricey. Head straight for the clearance rack to see if you can find any of the materials there. Take a look at some of the lower-end clothing retailers to see if you can find affordable pieces for your costume. If the clothing is something you think you can wear outside of Halloween, make sure you’re not making any permanent changes to it that you can’t undo, such as sewing something on too tightly.