14st-patricks-day-food-decoration-shamrock-muffins-green-lushomeSt. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that lends itself to fun activities for kids. From the youngest preschoolers to middle school kids, they will enjoy celebrating “putting on the green!”  The key to putting together fun ideas for kids, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, is to make sure the activity matches the skill level, attention span, and age appropriateness for the children involved. There are a wide variety of fun things to do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, from games and recipes to all kinds of crafts. For a day full of fun at the kitchen table, help the kids plan a menu full of green food. Before St. Patrick’s Day arrives, brainstorm a list of foods that are naturally green in color. Ideas include green grapes, lettuce, broccoli, pistachio pudding, lime gelatin, kiwi and spinach pasta. Create another list of foods that can easily be tinted green with food coloring. Ideas for that category include pancake batter, milk, frosting for cupcakes, white pasta sauce and scrambled eggs. Use these lists to create a menu for the day, allowing the kids to guide the planning process. Help them create a grocery shopping list for the necessary ingredients and take them to the grocery store with you. This increases the ownership they have over the project. Cook the food together on St. Patrick’s Day