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Yep its honestly that time of year…. to start the decoration list… I like to search out my new decoration inspiration prior to each holiday month, it allows me to get up to speed on all the great new ideas out there and maybe do some of my own decoration repurposing.  It always helps to start by checking out new products that are out there on the market. Even if you buy one or two new pieces it can set a new trend and also help you get into the decorating mood. This also helps you build up an awesome collection.

Try yard sales: There are alway people getting ready to move and want to sell off some old stuff. There might be that perfect dish for serving up your grandma’s famous cookies or even a cake dish that can be used as great center piece on your table with decorative ornaments inside.

Wrapping paperOh the things you can do with wrapping paper! Use it to wrap your front door! Your big photos on your walls in your house. Even empty boxs that you have.  Trust me it will liven up a room. And its a cheap way to make the house feel more festive. Add a BOW!